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People who make leisure travel part of their lifestyle understand that taking regular vacations is mentally and physically important to enjoying life to the fullest. Vacation ownership – or timeshare as it is also known – provides an alternative to standard vacationing options and helps travelers maximize their vacation rupees and their vacation time. GSOWN VACATION CLUB is being developed to provide a smart, simple way for travelers to design and enjoy the kind of vacations they want every year.

GSOWN VACATION CLUB membership is a Smart Choice for holidaying. For virtually the same price as standard hotel accommodations over the course of a few years, you can be a VACATION OWNER and avail a range of vacation options through GSOWN VACATION CLUB. You simply decide when you want to go, where you want to go, and how many people will be traveling with you. Then leave the rest up to GSOWN VACATION CLUB.

Why vacation any other way? Let GSOWN VACATION CLUB help you start making the most of your vacations today.


The fastest growing lifestyle and leisure product World Wide is Vacation Ownership. Why pay exorbitant resort rents, when you can own your own leisure accommodation for the time you need??!! Buy just that much of time that you need and can utilize fully.

This is the simple concept of Vacation Ownership.

As a Vacation owner, your family has access to a lifetime of extraordinary vacation opportunities. You have the option of staying at your home club properties every year, or exchanging your time for a vacation within GSOWN VACATION CLUB network of resorts in some of the most sought after destinations.

A Lifetime of Extraordinary Holidays

Experience the peace of mind that comes from owning beautiful, spacious resort vacations every year for the rest of your life.

Don't just settle for another trip to just another hotel room. Instead, treat yourself to the spaciousness of a full apartment, and take the vacation you and your loved ones have always dreamed of, this and every year.

Top 5 Reasons to be a member of GSOWN VACATION CLUB

GSOWN Vacation Accommodations are typically spacious accommodations with full kitchens, separate living and dining areas and, in many cases, private balconies with beautiful views. Most One-bedroom apartments can accommodate four members comfortably.

Avoid "Vacation Inflation"

By prepaying future expenses, you can potentially save thousands on your vacations over your lifetime.

Pass It On

When you purchase a Vacation Ownership through membership of GSOWN VACATION CLUB, you receive a vacation ownership certificate – which can be handed down to your heirs.

Go When You Want

Purchasing a Vacation Ownership means having a lifetime of vacation flexibility. Most Owners purchase "floating time," allowing them a block of weeks within a preferred season to vacation each year.

Spend What You Want

Vacation ownership can be purchased in a season that you mostly holiday and the number of days that you holiday and in an apartment that suits your requirement. With so many flexible options, how much you spend is up to you.

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Typical Hotel Rental Typical GVC Vacation Accommodation
Accommodations Two Persons, Roll-Aways on Request Four adults in Spacious Comfort
Common Usable Area 350 sq ft approximately 650 sq ft approximately
Typical Floor Plan One Room with Bath Separate Living and Dining Areas and Balcony Available
In-Room Dining Options Dine Out, Room Service Fully Equipped Kitchen with Service for Four
Features One TV Set Valet/Laundry Service Multiple TV Sets, VHS or /td>
Long-term Financial Reward Renting Owning